"Azin was incredible throughout the entire process of buying my condo. She was able to get me a better rate than what RBC had offered me and was available to PATIENTLY answer all my questions (she even called me to let me know she was going out of the country for a family wedding but would be available if needed over the phone). Her role went beyond mortgage consultant - she became my "therapist" who allowed me to vent about anything related to the real estate industry. Azin is genuinely nice, hardworking and I highly recommend her." -TM

"Azin was able to answer all of my questions about the home buying process. I am in the early stages of buying a home and I'm happy she's a part of my team. I'm really looking forward to finding my home. Thanks Azin!" - Rochelle M.

"Azin is wonderful to work with and provides an outstanding level of service for her clients. Highly recommend!" - Stephanie M.

"Highly recommend! Her passion for the industry is amazing and she's always helpful with any questions." - Sarah V.

"Azin is very honest and quite smart. She is helping me with my commercial real estate purchase and also giving me great advice on refinancing. I highly recommend her to others who want to save money and make their dreams a reality." - Yash T. 

"Azin has made the first steps of the home buying process much easier than I thought. I am still looking for the perfect condo but am glad that my mortgage is ready to go." - K K.